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Using full list
Updating FIS-points information
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Starting from Extime version 7.2.2 it is now possible to make entries into race using data from FIS. This data must contains following items

  • FIS-code
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Combined name (if available)
  • Sportclub
  • FIS-points (even normal or sprint) to be used when define start order
  • Country
  • Birthdate (to find class automatically)
  • Gender (to find class automatically)

The file is normally comma delimited file (like csv-files exported from Excel) and the field delimited can be TAB-character or any other visible character, normally semicolon (;). You can load your own copy from FIS-web-site (https://www.fis-ski.com/DB/cross-country/fis-points-lists.html). Just select correct list (normally 8 lists / season) and select the csv format (full list in CSV).

After loading the csv-file, you must tell ExTime the name and folder of newest file and which is the sequence of the columns in file. Sometimes FIS makes changes the columns, that's why you must define the column order fo ExTime.

To start making entries define first the classes to be used in the race or open the existing race file.

Starting ExTime version 8.4.8 it is also possible to use clipboard to move the FIS-codes from different Excel-sheets directly to ExTime. I made it to help my own work, when I made the startlist for Scandinavia Cup 6.-8.1.2017 in Lahti.

Menu Ilmoittautumiset contains new task, Entries using FIS-list.


Below you can see the window which is used making Entries into race. The FIS-file is selected using Browse-button and 20 first lines are listed in ascending sequence. In picture you can see that in Brasil there are 25 skiers who has FIS-licence. The list is sorted after Sort field (column D, FIS-code) and you can use any field you want, it is added as extra field beginning the each line.

If the file contains only combined name, definition of forename must be spaces (no separate forename), only Surname-field is defined. If the file do not contains any FIS-points, the definition of this field must be zero.

Defining can take some time if you use this feature first time, but you can use the definitions shown below depending which type of file from FIS you are using. I skip 6 first columns (A--F) of the line and start listing from column G. Of course column D is the first column on screen, because it is the Sort field.

The definitions in extime.ini file:

FIS-entries window contains a special part Field sequence, where the data field sequences and delimited character are defined.

The definitons are automatically saved in the file extime.ini into section labelled [FISLIST].

When sequence of the fields and delimiter character are defined, you should browse the file again to save the definitions into ini-file. Extime list the 20 first lines into list box on the left. By clicking some line, you can see the extracted data in separate fields in the area Competitors data. And if you later modify Field sequence attributes, refresh the parameters by clicking the Search button.

To start making entries of one country fill first the Country and Gender (if necessary) in the area Search criteria and click the Search-button. ExTime will list all found lines in the list box using defined sort field (dublicated beginning of each line) and shows the total amount. Country code must of course be same what FIS is using.

To make one entry into race use the following procedure:

  1. Scroll the competitor to be seen using vertical scroll bar. You can easily change the sorting order match the order of paper or email entries, see box in the area Sort field.
  2. Click the line of the competitor.
  3. Check the data in the area of Competitors data.
  4. Check the assumed class and select correct one, if not OK
  5. Fill any missing data (starting number, FIS-Points, token numbers, draw group)
  6. Correct names (if..)
  7. Enter competitor into race (Enter-button). Note that starting number will change in drawing procedure.

Repeat the procedure for each competitor and country.

Another way, faster if you have an Excel sheet.

29.12.2016 when I was asked to make the entries for Lahti Scandinavia Cup I received different Excel worksheets. Eeach country used their own system to send entries for the race.

On the right is swedish version.

So I added two buttons in the Fis-entry Dialog, Paste from clipboard and Add list into race.

Those button work following way:

  1. First select the fis-codes from Excel-sheet, you can also select other fields as I did, on the right. Then copy that area into clipboard (by clicking mouse's right button and select Copy) or just press CTRL + INS.
  2. Press Paste from clipboard and all the data will be now in ExTime, maybe order is different, now its by FIS-code. FIS-code MUST be the leftmost column.
  3. Press Add list into race and then ExTime will take the first FIS-code, search all the data from FIS-list file, select class, enter the athlete into race and at least deletes the added line from list.
  4. If there was erros (wrong FIS-code), the line stays in the list.
  5. ExTime repeats the steps 3 and 4 until all lines have been processed.
  6. Then you can change Excel-sheet and repeat all steps 1 to 5 as many time it is necessary.


On the right there is older version of FIS-window.


You can add all brasilien men skiers into race very fast just using FIS-code as sort field (the most left column), selecting BRA as country code and M as Gender, searching them from FIS-datafile and then just press button Add list into race.

You can remove one line from list double clicking it.

If you have only one FIS-code to be entered, just type in or copy paste that code into the box right side of button FIS-code and press first button FIS-code to check the athĺetes data and then button Enter to enter that athlete into race.

to begin

Using full list

Surname and forename exist as separate fields, ExTime will concate those into one field, forename first of course.

At the beginning of season 2019 there was 905 finnish records in FIS database, including relay teams.

to begin

Updating FIS-points information

Sometimes (quite often) there is need to update FIS-points information before drawing. Some entries are made by hand, some by loading data from KILMO, but every competitor must have an active FIS-code to have FIS-points.

The updating procedure can be found in menu Muutokset, FIS:n tietojen käyttö, Piste- ja nimitietojen päivitys.

If the race contains also classes outside FIS-classes, it would be convient to eliminate those classes from updating procedure. This can be done using menu  Ajanotto, Rajaa aktiivisia sarjoja.

Check the classes you will eliminate from update and accept you choose by clicking Hyväksy valinta.

You can give default value for missing points, also it is possible to use those points (distance or sprint), which are better for each competitor.

This screen is also used, when you update the competitors name before you make the XML-file to report FIS races penalties.

New feature is, that ExTime makes a list not found competitors to the right. You can correct that person by double clicking his/her line on list.

After updating the points, it is a very good practice to check, that every competitor has got his/her points. Below you can see, that Katri Saavalainen has no points and no FIS-code, that must be check from FIS-website.

And there is only one competitor, whos surname is Saavalainen:

But because she is only 16 years old and has very new FIS-code, she is without FIS-points and that's why she was missing. I must update her FIS-code and country code manually, so she will earn her first points from that race.

But Lauri Pyhäjärvi (mens class) is not active. He has FIS-code (from KILMO), but no points. I must take his FIS-code away, because he is not allowed to earn any FIS-points.

Season 2019 is without payment.

What is missing ? Please comment.

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